” I tried Alt Route Meals’ Quinoa Chili and Veggie Masala on the PCT this year in Oregon. I had just a few bites from my friend’s pot, but they were easily the most flavorful meals I had on trail. And I’m not even vegan! The Quinoa Chili had a perfect balance of spices, and the coconut oil added a level of savory-ness I have never experienced in plant-based meals. I couldn’t stop raving about those bites for the rest of the trail. I will definitely be buying some for future weekend trips when I want to have healthy, tasty dinners.”

-Lightening Rod (PCT ’19)

“The best meal I ate on the PCT in 2019 wasn’t at a trailhead or in a town… It was Everest’s handmade veggie masala, shared with a friend around a campfire in the northern Cascade Mountains. Flavorful, easy to prepare, and full of veggies and protein. We couldn’t believe it was vegan too! We also loved her perfectly spiced vegan quinoa chili which left us happily satisfied after a long day of hiking. I’m already looking forward to enjoying more Alt Route Meals on my next big adventure!”                                          

 – The Professor (PCT ‘19)


“As a Pacific Crest Trail thruhiker, I was always looking for better meal options. I now wish that I had eaten Alt Route Meals the entire trail rather than just near the end. They have everything I was looking for and not finding in other meal options. They were a good size for a thruhiker, very easy to make and full of complex flavors. I am not vegan and I was impressed that the flavor was not diminished by the lack of animal products and that my energy levels were amazing the next day. I would certainly recommend this to other thruhikers and people who need a healthy and convenient meal option.”

 -Bird (PCT ’19, CT ’20)


While hiking the PCT in 2019, good food was important to me, these meals are the best!  The combination of flavors and ingredients are far superior to any other meals I ate. I really looked forward to a Alt Route Meal at the end of the day because its real food! Whether it was the Dal, Quinoa Chili, or quick Pasta Sauce. After rehydrating everything came back to life! I found all the meals very quick to make and the portions are great after big mile days. I would highly recommend to all the hungry hikers out there!” 

 -Puff (PCT ’19)

“Let me start off by saying: I am a “meat-eater”. And until I was introduced to Alt Route Meals I never would have thought I would enjoy a plant-based dehydrated backpacking meal. I was totally wrong! These are great. I first encountered Alt Route Meals while hiking the PCT in the summer of 2019. After months of eating the other dehydrated meals on the market I was totally over it. Then came Alt Route Meals! The meals are VERY good. And I didn’t notice the absence of meat at all. They re-hydrate very well with a great texture and amazing flavors. Together with a good selection of menu options these meals are sure to satisfy (even non-veggies). 5 out of 5. I know what I will be taking with me for my next thru hike.”

-Lazy Bones (PCT ’19)


“Awesome meal I enjoyed on the PCT looking out at Mt. Adams. Texture was great and I felt super full. Exciting stuff from Alt Route Meals in the world of plant based backpacking meals!”

 -Gaper (PCT ’19)

We took the alt route meals up to the mountains with high expectations. And we were not disappointed! I was amazed at how filling the meals were especially with how small the packaging is. One breakfast meal filled 2 people up for the entire morning! I try to eat plant based meals when I can and having a clean, vegan option is rare. Not to mention the food flavors are amazing! Taste great!! 

-Angie B

Alt Route is the best option available for nutritious backpacking food that you actually want to eat. It tastes wonderful, I know exactly what’s in it, and it’s very lightweight. When they are cooked, it’s hard to believe that these meals have ever been dehydrated. There have been occasions when the thought of eating my alt route meal at my campsite is the main motivation to keep hiking. I wouldn’t want to eat (or carry) anything else.

-June B

These meals made my nips hard… If you’ve been grinding on the trail and need a filling, delicious meal that gives you clean energy the next day (and doesn’t make you feel like a bloated sack of crap), do yourself a favor and pick up some of these bad boys. They’re as lightweight as it gets and so easy to prep. I’ve honestly been craving them off the trail too. The Thai Curry is amazing. Hats off to the genius lady who cooked these meals up.



After careful research, I chose Alt Route for my upcoming PCT hike of Washington. The sampler pack is a great way to try everything and based on that I ordered 25 meals, several of each. A full test drive on a backpacking trip with two family members in the Smokies resulted in rave reviews. They are all great but the Veggie Fried Rice and the Quinoa Mountain Chile stood out to me and the Southern Biscuits and Gravy beat the hell out of instant oatmeal!!!! It’s good enough to eat at home, which is my ultimate measure. The founder has created the company for all the right reasons and so deserves all the business we can give her!

AT 1984
GSMNP 900 miler x2
JMT 2019
PCT OR 2021