How do you prepare Alt Route Meals?

Each package contains cooking instructions on the back label. Due to our commitment to reduce unnecessary packaging, you cannot prepare the meals in the bags. You will need to boil your water in your pot, remove it from the heat source, add the meal, cover with a lid and wait 8-10 minutes for the meal to fully rehydrate.

How big are the portions?

So big that thru hikers who are burning 5,000-7,000 calories a day are full after finishing our double serving meals! Each double serving meal rehydrates to roughly 3 cups of food. Each single serving meal rehydrates to roughly 2 cups of food. Our samplers rehydrate to 1 cup of food each. All calorie counts are accurate on the nutritional labels!

What is the shelf life of Alt Route Meals?

Real time testing is being conducted, and we can confirm a shelf life of 18 months for all of our meals at this point.

Do you ship internationally?

At this point we only have the capacity to ship within the United States unfortunately. Keep buying our meals so we can keep growing!

Can you cold soak Alt Route Meals?

We suggest that you prepare all of our meals with hot water. The quality and taste is compromised when the food is cold soaked. Possibly in the future we will release a cold soak option.

Are all Alt Route Meals Vegan?

Heck Yeah! All our our products are entirely vegan and some are gluten free as well.

Which Alt Route Meals are Gluten Free? 

Mexican Beans & Rice
Southwest Hash Brown Scramble
Quinoa Mountain Chili
GF-ish*  Veggie Fried Rice & Thai Curry
Both of these meals are cooked with soy sauce which has trace amounts of wheat in it. That is the only wheat ingredient though!

Can I have Alt Route Meals shipped to me along my long distance hike, cycle trip, paddle trip or climbing trip?

Yes! Contact Us and we would love to talk details on how to support you with accomplishing your goal. The more advance notice we have the better we can serve you!