Responsible Stewardship Inc.

Alt Route + Responsible Stewardship
"If we change the way we view public lands, it will change the way we use public lands."
Benny Braden, Jr.
- Founder of Responsible Stewardship Inc.
As a company, this message may be the most eloquently stated representation of some of our core values we have ever seen. Yes, we are a food company. Yes, we want to be a part of an elevated adventure experience through a mindful food experience. But, we also realize without having places to recreate and explore the treasures of this planet, that is all we are- just another company, another product on a shelf. At our core we are outdoor enthusiasts who have had the trajectory of our entire lives changed by the great outdoors. And we care about giving back. 

We are excited to announce our partnership with Responsible Stewardship Inc. beginning in 2022. The founder, Benny Braden, Jr., is passionate about education through action. If we are outside using these public spaces we all have a responsibility to leave them better than we found them. Period. 


  • As a company, each year, we will be participating in several workdays throughout the year with other Responsible Stewardship Volunteers across the country to clean up trashed and vandalized recreation areas.
  • Each launch event that we hold with a new retail partner will be paired with a clean-up event at a designated location in need of some action near that retailer. We want to make an impact in the communities that we serve. 
  •  We will be helping to promote and advertise local clean up events/ projects in the region so that you can find information on how to be a part of the change! Every hour volunteered makes a huge impact!



No matter where you reside geographically you can be a part of the movement! Please take a few minutes to head over to the Responsible Stewardship website & start by familiarizing yourself with the Responsible Stewardship Ethics
We look forward to seeing how you make a difference in your favorite playgrounds this year! 
Responsible Stewardship