Fuel The Difference

Here at Alt Route Meals we pride ourselves on being more than just another dehydrated meals company. When you think of Alt Route Meals, we want you to think of the difference we fuel, both with our food, and in our outdoor spaces. 

We are a proud partner of Responsible Stewardship, an “Action Based” all volunteer 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization based in East Tennessee. We believe, as they do, that our public lands are our responsibility. We strive to be mindful of our digital and physical impact as a company, and we are committed to being active in the communities that we serve.

Each time you see Alt Route Meals in a store, you can rest assured that they have met our requirements to partner with us on a local clean up event within 12 months of our meals making their debut. We pride ourselves on doing business with companies that share in our values!


15 organized events, 285 Volunteers, 765 Hours Served to removed 13,851 pound of trash from our public lands.