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Alt Route Meals are made for any and every detour. We are proud to introduce you to some of of our past and recent athletes that have used Alt Route Meals to fuel their epic detours.

Alt Route Meals + Gabriel Andrus


Gabriel Andrus

I grew up in the rolling hills of southwestern New Hampshire. I spent nearly all of my time outside building forts, riding bikes, and sliding around on skis all across the forests and hills around my home. Through these experiences, I developed a deep connection to nature and a passion for adventure. I believe in the importance of wild spaces and the value of time in nature. I have chosen to spend that time either on two skis or two wheels! Skis and bikes have taken me on some incredible adventures, from backcountry skiing in the Rockies and cross-country ski expeditions in the Chic-Chocs to two-week backpacking trips in the Green Mountains. Ever since I was 12 years old, the camera has been there for all of them to document the adventure and share the awesomeness of the outdoors. Over time photography developed into a creative outlet, and I fell in love with the magic of storytelling through photography and videography. I have taken my camera on just about every adventure since. Now at 20 years old, I am pursuing a career as an adventure athlete, filmmaker, and photographer. Whose mission is to tell stories from the far reaches of the earth, stories of adventure that lie at the intersection of people and landscape.


ALT:  Tell us about your plans. What type of adventure are you about to begin?

Gabriel:  On February 6, 2023 I will embark on a 314-mile cross-country ski expedition from the Canadian border to my hometown of Walpole, NH. Carrying all of my food, camping, and camera equipment on my back or towed in a pulk sled. The expedition will take about 20 days and will follow snowmobile trails, class 6 roads, and ski trails through mountains, forests, lakes, and streams. Due to a particularly mild and dry winter in the Northeast, I will most likely have to hike large sections of the trial as well. All this is being documented in a film I am making about how climate change is affecting winter in the Northeast. The film will also feature interviews with locals and scientists to gain a deeper understanding of the history of winter and how it’s changing.  


ALT:  What motivates you to take on such an epic adventure?

Gabriel:  The inspiration for this particular film and expedition came from an old photograph of my grandfather standing next to a large snowdrift. This image sparked a conversation about how winter in New Hampshire is changing, motivating me to set out and learn more about the magical season of winter and the beautiful state I call home. I also simply love wintertime and love skiing. Being able to spend an extended period of time outside experiencing the New Hampshire winter landscape is incredibly exciting to me.


ALT:  What is the thing that keeps you going when things get hard?

Gabriel: One of my favorite sayings is when the going gets tough, keep going. If there is anything that expeditions and outdoor pursuits have taught me, nothing good is ever easy. Hard times are a valuable part of the experience, and I try to accept that reality and embrace the lows and the highs as they come.


ALT:  Why did you choose Alt Route Meals to be a part of your adventure?

Gabriel: Alt Route Meals was a natural choice for this adventure. I love the emphasis Alt Route puts on using quality ingredients; as a result, they are the tastiest, most hearty dehydrated meals that I have ever had! I am so excited to have Alt Route Meals fueling this adventure. I know that I will be looking forward to every breakfast and dinner on the expedition.


ALT:  What are you most looking forward to as part of your adventure?

Gabriel: I am looking forward to the first step of the trip, the moment when all the preparation and all of the work come to fruition, the moment when nothing but the trial lay ahead, the certainty of unexpected encounters, challenging moments, and profound moments of awe. I look forward to connecting with the winter landscape and sharing its beauty with others.